Buyer’s Package & To-Do List

BUYER’S TO-DO LIST Once Escrow is Opened.

Remember to get the loan you want in place ASAP!!

Set up physical inspection immediately upon opening escrow…(see recommendation list below)
Research Home Fire insurance and choose a Philleen for recommendations
Go to the City and research permits, zoning, planning etc.
Get estimates for any repairs or upgrades you might be thinking of doing.
Read, Sign and Send in all escrow papers ASAP.
Choose how you will hold title.
Get estimates for movers.
Check list for the “walk-through”..usually 5 days before the close of escrow:

(After Loan docs are signed and closing funds are in escrow)

Keys?? Where and when will you receive them after the close of escrow.
Phone installation set up or just cell phone?
Trash days? __________________
Appliances? Get new ones if needed.
Paint & hazardous materials removal by sellers
Utilities…change into your name and open accounts.
Go over repair list to be sure that all have been completed correctly and in a professional manner.
Ask for any receipts of work completed, warranties, systems information and instructions (ie., how to work the pool equipment)
Inspect to be sure that all the termite work (if part of the contract) has been completed.